Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Two Sisters Cookbook

For several years, I was a vegan and ate no meat or dairy products. It is a great way to lose weight and cleanse the toxins out of your system!

I enjoyed the first two years of mostly raw fruits and veggies and whole grains very much, then I got pregnant again. . .

Everything was great until the end of the pregnancy and my midwife begged me to eat a hamburger to get a boost of protein. I surrendered. I'll never forget that trip to Sonic. We knew they had $1 hamburger nights, so I packed the chips and our drinks and we set off. I still remember where we parked at the drive-in.

Since that day I have slowly incorporated organic meats back into our diet, but will never lose my first love for a colorful green salad spilling over the plate or a handful of raw, sweet almonds or organic fruits and veggies! They are still the BEST.

One of my favorite meatless cookbooks is FROM THE KITCHEN OF TWO SISTERS by the Voeller sisters--it is absolutely excellent in flavor and in content!

I particularly love this cookbook because the ingredients are wholesome and healthy, but not gourmet or outlandish. They are things I can easily find in my local grocery store or health food store and I really appreciate that.

I also like the fact that the recipes share many of the same ingredients, but each recipe has its own unique character and flavor. So it satifies my frugal palette as well.

Some of the Fagala Family faves are:

Spectacular Sauteed Green Beans
Sunny Yellow Squash
Best Barbeque Sauce (every good Texan or wanna-be Texan needs to make this in BIG batches!)
Sunny Corn Bread
Sweet Biscuits
Egg-Citing Flaxseed Mixture (good egg substitute)
Parsley-Parmesan Pesto

I highly recommend this cookbook for those who'd like to have some delicious dishes that don't include meat or dairy. And trust me. . . I've served these dishes to my cheese-loving friends numerous times with great raves.

There's just nothing that beats great flavor! Bon appetit.

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