Friday, April 17, 2009

Probiotic: The Stronger the Better

When you are choosing a probiotic, look for one that has as high a potency as possible to get as much good bacteria packed into each capsule/scoop as possible.

There is a lot on the internet about probiotic, and honestly, it leaves even me confused. So, I rely heavily upon what works for others. And I've heard VERY good things about Beeyoutiful's Tummy Tuneup. For more info on this amazing supplement, click on the Tummy Tuneup banner below.

How do you know if YOU need to balance the bacteria in your gut? You may be a candidate for probiotic if you or your kids deal with any of the following:
Allergies and food sensitivities
Difficulty losing weight
Sugar/carbohydrate craving
Frequent fatigue
Poor concentration
Frequent constipation or diarrhea
Faulty digestion, acid reflux and other gut disorders
Sleeping poorly, night sweats
Painful joint inflammation, stiffness
Bad breath, gum disease and dental problems
Frequent colds, flu or infections
Chronic yeast problems
Acne, eczema skin and foot fungus
Extreme menstrual or menopausal symptoms (PMS)

(I've highlighted the ones I personally have dealt or deal with right now--ok, that's embarrassing to air my dirty laundry :-D)

If you deal with any of these symptoms of an unbalanced gut, please consider getting yourself some probiotic.

In a healthy intestinal tract are approximately 400 different kinds of microorganisms. (Due to their inability to withstand an acidic environment, not many are found in the stomach.) As we move on to the small intestine, the number of bacteria increases by a factor of 10, and by the time we get to the colon, there are almost a billion times more than found in the small intestine.

As you can see, getting good bacteria in the form of a probiotic is essential to your overall health! Every health pantry needs a good probiotic--so grab you some today.

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Denise said...

I have used the Tummy Tuneup successfully and highly recommend it. A daughter of a friend of mine had digestion problems that the doctor couldn't help. After suggesting Tummy Tuneup to her, the mom gave it to her. She quickly recovered from this chronic problem in less than 2 days.