Saturday, April 5, 2008


After I had my first baby, my hormones were never the same.

I went from cheerful and fun-loving to irritable and serious almost overnight. My poor husband wasn't so sure I hadn't been kidnapped and replaced with an uncanny look-alike-- Mean Wife. I was driving us both crazy. I was quick to yell and slow to forgive, among other issues.

Over a decade passed before I realized I needed to surrender EVERYTHING, including my hormones, to the Lord. He had created them, He always wants the best for me, and He takes good care of His stuff, so I needed to hand my troubles over to Him.

I gradually began to go to the Lord daily and lay it all at His feet. . . the good, bad and the ugly. As I surrendered my weaknesses and studied the Word and poured out my heart, He began to soften me and mold me more into the image of Christ. He is such a patient and thorough teacher. I learned during that time how to be meek and gentle, how to serve my husband instead of chew his head off, and how to make my expectations more realistic and reachable. But I honestly was still struggling. I would be fine for a couple of weeks, then awful the next couple of weeks, then fine again, then awful again. It was a frustrating and exhausting cycle.

Then a couple of years ago, my mom gave me a bottle of PLUS. It is a hormone balancing product that she was using. PLUS is a product of a Texas-born company called Mannatech. I was very impressed with the standards of the company, that had been founded by a believer and was run on Christian principles. I tried the product, and for the first time in years, felt calm inside.

Anytime I am off of the PLUS for a couple of days, I begin to notice a big difference. So, we make sure it's in the budget each month!

I do believe that God can miraculously heal anything in my life (I've witnessed Him do it), and I am also so grateful when He leads me to little blessings like PLUS that make the health journey a little smoother and more joyful. If you want to try some, click here.

Here's to happy hormones!